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Alando's Kitchen

Specialty Food

In addition to our catering services, we offer array of food products, ranging from: * Hot Pilipili sauce * Beef Masala sauce * Fish Masala sauce * Chicken Masala sauce * Vegetable Masala sauce * Mariandes.

To place an order, simply call us today at 610 882 0744, or email us at

Home Made Achari Sauce


Use as sole ingredient to make beef, chicken or Fish. It will give your food a unique and exquisite taste.


Home Made Pili pili Sauce


Add some spice to your meal with our Home made Pili pili sauce.

8 oz - $2.99 : 12 oz - $4.50 : 32 oz - $8.50

Alando's Kitchen * Bethlehem * PA * US * 18017