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Alando's Kitchen

Sample Event Menus

We offer everything from customized catering to entertainment-related options in creating the perfect meal for your occasion. But, to address some of our larger general occasions, we've put together the following sample menus.

A Few Sample Event Menus:

Open House Event

* Fresh Fruit Salad

* Tea Masala

* Kahawa (Kenyan coffee)

* Samosas

* Kebabs

* Mandazi

Gourmet Brunch

* Wololo chicken Wings: Marinated in Alando's secret marinade, then fried to perfection.

* Samosa - Pastry filled with spiced beef or Vegetables. Three per order

* Beef Kebab - Pan fried tender minced beef with garlic, onions, and cilantro. Three per order

* Nyama choma - Marinated fire grilled beef. Served with kachumbari.

Your Special Wedding Day

* Beef Masala - Marinated beef, Sautéed in homemade beef masala sauce.

* Chicken Masala - Marinated chicken, sautéed in homemade chicken masala sauce.

* Tilapia Masala. Marinated tilapia fillet, sautéed in homemade fish masala and coconut sauce.

* Vegetable curry

* Baked Breads with creamy butter

* Array of miniature African Pastries and Chocolate Truffles

* Malindi Beach fruit Salad with hearts of palm, mandarin orange segments and pistachios with Citrus Vinaigrette

* Chapati - Individually hand made Flat bread

* Pilau - Vegetable rice pilaf sautéed with garlic and masala spices

Throwing a Party?

Let us help!

Our event specialist will customize options on dinner packages, buffet entrees, appetizers, desserts, beverages, and more!

Please email us if you are interested in planning an event with Alando's Kitchen. We can arrange for staff, equipment, linens, centerpieces and much more!


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