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Alando's Kitchen


Emily - Owner


Food Critic

About Emily

As a young girl, Emily was fond of sitting by her grandmother's side whenever she prepared meals using the traditional African way of cooking - the three stoned stove, dug on the ground. I recall Ogera (peanut soup)as one of her specialties. Dani (Luo name for grandmother),as Emily referred to her would ask for her help to pound the peanuts, and prepare some of the delicious greens like osuga,dek, mto,atipa among others.

Emily learned how to cook from her grandmother Alando.

The idea of Alando's Kitchen came to mind one day on her way to work in 2001. Her daughter was only 2 years old, and the idea of putting her in day care was nerve racking, she wanted to start her own business where she could manage her own schedule. Emily was also motivated by one Oprah Winfrey show that featured successful women who followed their dreams in starting small business. After initial attempt to put together a business plan, Emily decided to shelved the idea and went back to school for an MBA. Having graduated in 2006, Emily has vowed more than ever to put her dreams into action and grow her business.

Emily is the head cook of Alando's Kitchen, and a great planner/organizer. She is a certified Project Manager from PMI, and holds an MBA from Saint Peter's college.


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